Lane Cove Council uses a number of ways to keep you informed about matters which could impact you as a resident, business or customer.

Council operates under the Local Government Act 1995. This means we are required to provide public notices for various matters that may affect the community.

Council Meetings

Notice of Extraordinary Council Meeting

An Extraordinary Council Meeting will be held in the Council Chambers on Monday 26 February, commencing 7:00pm.

The business to be transacted at the Extraordinary Council Meeting is the balance of items on the agenda (Item’s 10 to 16 inclusive) that were not determined by Council before the Ordinary Council Meeting was adjourned at 11:15pm on Thursday 22 February.

View the Agenda (refer to Item 10 to 16 inclusive from 22 February)

Please note this meeting is a resumption of an adjourned meeting.  As such, the Public Forum segment has concluded however members of the public are welcome to attend or observe the meeting via the webcast.

General Information

The Agenda and Minutes for Council Meetings are available to view online.

Council Meetings are generally held on the Thursday following the 3rd Monday of each month with the exception of:

  • January: there are no meetings scheduled; and

  • December: the meeting is usually held earlier in the month.

Please note that Extraordinary Council Meetings may be called with notice at anytime.

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