Threats to Bushland

Lane Cove's bushland is located in small, narrow, fragmented reserves in gullies and along the foreshore. The reserves are criss-crossed by drainage lines and walking tracks. There are residential or industrial properties within 100m of any part of these reserves. These bushland remnants are valuable community spaces, but urban pressures on this bushland are immense.

Some of the threats to bushland in Lane Cove include:

Clearing of bushland for residential, industrial and road development.

Adverse human impacts e.g.:

  • rubbish dumping
  • impact of pets and feral animals on native wildlife
  • dumping of weed/exotic plant material and invasion of garden escapes
  • residential property encroachments
  • illegal emptying of swimming pools and other pollutant discharges

Overgrown vines and weeds next to properties Structural changes to bushland e.g.:

  • weed invasion
  • removal of habitat such as bush rock, logs and dead trees
  • changes to fire regime
  • increased soil nutrient levels
  • decreasing species diversity including tree death

Changes to drainage e.g.:

  • stormwater from catchments surrounding bushland reserves is piped to outlets on the edge of bushland, generally in areas that were once dry slopes, and interrupted normal flows to other areas.

Destabilisation of water courses e.g.:

  • erosion
  • nutrient pollution
  • changes to ground water
  • increased sediment loads

The long term survival of bushland in this urban environment requires an integrated approach incorporating planning, on ground works and an active community involvement.

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