Trees on Development Sites

trees on neighbouring property.JPG

Requests for the removal of trees for exempt or complying development are assessed under the Tree Preservation Controls. Each tree is assessed on its own merits and the Tree Assessment Officer does not take into consideration any development under the Exempt and Complying Development Code. Council recommends that anyone considering such a development engages a reputable Level 5 Consulting Arborist (AQF5) to advise them regarding the trees.

Trees approved for removal during the Development Application assessment do not require a separate permit under the Tree Preservation Controls for removal. Standard Conditions of Consent include street tree protection including cash bond, tree protection zones with temporary fencing and warning signs, etc.

Request for removal of any tree that is required to be retained as a Condition of Consent as part of an approved DA are not dealt with under the Tree preservation Controls. Such Conditions of Consent may only be changed through the process of a Section 4.55 Application under the EP&A Act.