Climate Resilience Plan


Council’s Climate Resilience Plan is a document that provides a framework of goals, targets and actions to mitigate, adapt and thrive from local shocks and stresses in response to the changing climate.

The increasing occurrence and intensity of extreme weather events is predicted to impact Lane Cove. Being prepared for climate shocks has multiple benefits. It means we can reduce the economic, social and environmental costs of disasters resulting from disruptions to Council's services, our community and impacts on our natural environment.

The Plan was developed in collaboration with key stakeholders in the community and Council staff by performing a resilience risk assessment in line with the framework utilised by Resilient Sydney.

The Climate Resilience Plan sets goals and targets on five (5) resilient themes:

  • resilient people,
  • resilient buildings,
  • resilient urban open space,
  • resilient natural environment, and
  • resilient governance.

The goals and targets will guide the implementation of the priority actions over the next five years to respond to the challenges posed by a changing climate.