The Landmark Development – Mindarie Street, Lane Cove North

Published on 21 June 2023

An aerial shot of the development site on Mindarie Street. There is a red outline to show where the complex will be built.

Update 30 June 2023

We've had a great outcome to replace the tree with another mature tree of the same species. We met with the developer, their traffic consultant and project manager on 30 June to discuss options. Our landscape architect recommended a 6-metre mature street tree of the same species be planted along with the other street trees that have already been approved. The developer has agreed. The usual requirement is a tree of 4 metres maximum, so this is larger and more mature, so is a great outcome for the tree canopy and our community. Another two existing significant trees will be retained. 


Council’s worked closely with residents and the developer to ensure the new apartment complex on Mindarie Street in Lane Cove North is in the best interests of our community.

Neighbours raised concerns about an established tree being removed to make way for the driveway for new residential development “Landmark” at 28 – 34 Mindarie Street Lane Cove North.

“Landmark”, approved in April 2022 by the Planning Panel (DA117/2021), will provide 54 new apartments and has started construction. The site has three street frontages – Mindarie, Willandra and Merinda Streets.

The proposed driveway is on Willandra Street (at the lowest point of the site) and is the most appropriate access for basement parking, but it means an established tree needs to be removed.

Throughout the assessment of the development application, there was extensive negotiations and discussions held with the developer.

Every attempt was made to retain the tree including moving the driveway to a different location, narrowing the driveway or creating a bridge into the site. Despite exploring these options, with the developer, council’s traffic engineers, tree officers and planners in an attempt to save the tree, no solution was found.

The DA was lodged in August 2021 and due to the considerations and negotiations surrounding the tree, it was not determined until April 2022.

Even though development has started, Council will continue to look for options to retain the tree and increase tree canopy and greenery in the area.


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