Bushland Acquisition

Published on 31 March 2023

Bushland on the property of 14 Gay Street Lane Cove

Lane Cove Council has bought a 2,801 square metre block to bolster its bushland portfolio.

The strategic block at 14 Gay Street, Lane Cove, was purchased as part of Council's Bushland Expansion Program and connects to the existing Stringybark Creek Reserve.

The property purchase was finalised on 17 March 2023 at $3,333,000, plus acquisition costs, in line with the Council's ongoing commitment to preserve natural bushland

The property spans an impressive 2,801 square metres and includes mature trees, such as Sydney Blue Gums, Sydney Red Gums, Blackbutts, and Turpentines.

Council will consider sub-dividing and selling the front of the property, which has a vacant house, to partially recover the purchase cost. The second option is to demolish the house and keep the whole site as open space.

Council will move to classify the land as "operational" while weighing up those two options. The acquisition is a significant step towards the preservation of Lane Cove's natural bushland.

For more information, please view the detailed Council agenda.

Bushland on the property of 14 Gay Street Lane Cove A white house and driveway surrounded by bushland at 14 Gay Street, Lane Cove