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Apartment Waste Improvement Program


Council is offering a free waste improvement program for apartment buildings. The program aims to improve recycling rates, reduce contamination in kerbside bin and improve overall waste practices in apartment complexes.

The FREE program involves:

  • Bin audits to identify issues
  • Improved signage for bins, common areas and bin rooms
  • Personalised letters to residents to encourage recycling behaviour change
  • Support to make further improvements, including composting

Whether you are a property manager, real estate agent or a resident, please complete the survey to join the program.

Examples of signage:




Bin stickers:


Top 5 rehome-able items thrown out during Council Clean-ups:

  1. Cabinets and wardrobes
  2. Desk chairs
  3. Sofas and couches
  4. Dining/coffee tables
  5. Clothing – can be given to charity if in good condition 

Items can be rehomed through websites such as Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, eBay and some can be even be repaired and rehomed through services like The Bower and Reverse Garbage.

Top 5 recyclable items thrown out during Council Clean-ups:

  1. Cardboard – can be taken to Cleanaway at Artarmon for free if clean. Temporarily shut to all residents, please hold on to bulk cardboard or slowly dispose of through the blue lidded bin.
  2. White goods – Council's four free clean-up bookings per year take white goods away for recycling.
  3. Computers – Council's Community Recycling Centre (CRC) accept computers and other electronics for free.
  4. Paints – Council's CRC accept paints for free.
  5. Oils – Council's CRC accepts motor oils and other oils for free.

Other Recycling Options - RecycleSmart

Council has partnered with RecycleSmart to offer a free recycling home collection service.

The service, known as a 'Power Pickup', offers residents an on-demand collection of tricky-to-recycle items: items that are recyclable, but cannot be thrown away in the yellow or blue bins (i.e. soft plastics, e-waste, clothing and misfits such as batteries and bulbs).

To find out more and book a Power Pickup visit