Community Renewables Program

Solar Panels a battery and energy sharing

The Community Renewables Program is a key part of our plan to help the Lane Cove Community reach our ambitious emissions reduction targets. We engaged ShineHub to make renewable energy simple and affordable, offering solar and battery systems at exclusive prices for our community. This is all part of the plan to help Lane Cove transition to healthy, efficient, electric homes that are powered by renewable energy.

Council hosted 2 events in October 2023 to launch the Community Renewables Program. The events were delivered in partnership with ShineHub and received strong interest, with 80 registrations for the first event and 50 registrations for the second event. As a result, 105kW solar panels and 110kWh of batteries are being installed which will save an estimated 212.5 tonnes CO2eq per year.

Learn about renewable energy

You can learn about the benefits of solar from the ShineHub solar experts by watching the recording of our previous event here: Lane Cove Solar Bulk Buy Event Recording.  

Earn extra income from your solar battery

When you get a solar battery, you’ll be able to join the ShineHub Virtual Power Plant (VPP).  

The VPP is a collection of home solar batteries connected together by the VPP software, providing on-demand battery power to the grid when it needs extra power to stay stable. In return, households receive a premium payment for any excess power contributed from their battery. You can read more about the VPP on the solar bulk buy website. 

Be part of the Community Renewables Program

Key features worth noting are:

  • $0 upfront payment option
  • Advertised prices have common inclusions meaning less hidden costs
  • You can still choose any energy retailer with the Virtual Power Plant
  • ShineHub have proven experience running similar programs
  • Quality products and extended warranties included
  • Quality Assurance is ISO certified
  • Modern Slavery Policies for all suppliers
  • Roadmap to an energy sharing community 

Find out more about this in the event recording!

Watch a local story of solar success 
Hear from event attendees about what they learned


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Council doing this?

Lane Cove Council declared a Climate Emergency in 2019 and set emission reduction targets for both Council and the community.

We're aiming for a 20% reduction in emissions by 2024 and an 80% reduction by 2036. 

The bulk buy program is a key part of our plan to achieve that goal.

What are the bulk buy discounts?

ShineHub have provided the details of the discounts applied to their packages.

Residents will receive a further discount depending on the number of participants onboarded.

For 50 participants - $200 discount

For 100 participants - $400 discount

For over 150 participants - $700 discount

Is it important that I register and attend the events?

Registration will ensure that you stay informed when offers are released and events are scheduled. 

The events are educational and inspiring, providing participants with the opportunity to learn more about solar and our renewable energy vision, and connect with a solar expert. 

If you can’t attend events, ShineHub will follow up with phone consultations. You can also watch the recording of our first event here: Lane Cove Solar Bulk Buy Event Recording 

How did Council select ShineHub?

We chose ShineHub through an extensive procurement process using independent expert advisors. The Evaluation Panel assessed ShineHub’s response to key criteria, and considered detailed assessment reports from renewable energy experts, financial experts and legal advice. 

By collaborating with ShineHub we can connect our residents and businesses with an experienced renewable energy provider selected via rigorous and independent assessment process.

If I already have solar panels, can I just get a battery?

Yes, you can. Hear from James, a happy customer from a previous Bulk Buy offer in SA, who got a battery added to their panels.

Why do I need a battery?

Solar panels help generate renewable energy for your home during the day and the battery supports your power needs after the sun goes down. It’s the best way to secure affordable energy costs for the long term, allows you to have power to certain circuits during a blackout, and be part of the local Virtual Power Plant.

When solar panels make electricity during the day, you need to use the power straight away in the house to get the full savings.  If you don’t, your solar power goes back to the grid and you only get a small credit in return as part of your electricity retailer’s solar feed-in-tariff, which varies from retailer to retailer.

By adding a battery, you can store your extra daytime solar power so that you can use it at night.  That way, you rarely need to use expensive grid power, and you aren’t leaving your electricity bill exposed to prices that seems to be flying up every year.

What's a Virtual Power Plant (VPP)?

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a way to harness renewable energy for your local community, reducing electricity costs and blackouts at the same time.

The ShineHub VPP allows the network of connected batteries to support the local electricity network when it’s stressed.  As the program develops, and more residents and businesses install solar and batteries, it could be possible to create a local Energy Plan that those without solar can join, enabling energy sharing in our community.

On an individual level, joining the VPP allows you to make a profit whenever your battery power supports the grid during a VPP event.  It’s a great way to make a little extra money while being part of an innovative new way to power Lane Cove.

Solar energy can be shared in the community with the Virtual Power Plant

Visit ShineHub's website for more information about VPPs.

If I join the Virtual Power Plant, can I choose my own energy retailer?

Absolutely! Unlike a lot of other VPP offerings on the market the ShineHub VPP is retailer independent. This means that you are not tied into a specific energy retailer and have the flexibility to either stay with your existing provider, or switch if you find a better energy deal and still stay on the ShineHub VPP.

What if I live in a Heritage-Listed Property or Area?

The State Environmental Planning Policy (Transport and Infrastructure) 2021, Part 2.3, Division 4, 2.41 covers the exemption requirements for solar on a heritage property.

If you live in a State or local heritage item or your home is in a heritage conservation area, the requirements are that the system must not be attached to any wall or roof of a building facing a primary road and the system must not protrude more than 0.5m from any building to which it attached (as measured from the point of attachment).  

If you cannot meet the above exemption requirements, you will be required to submit a DA and get a Heritage Impact Statement.

I'm a local solar installer - is there an opportunity to be involved in the program?

ShineHub would love to hear from local installers who are keen to get involved in the rollout of the program. To learn how you can get involved, please send an email to with the subject line ''Lane Cove Community Renewables Program - installer expression of interest' and ShineHub's delivery team will get back to you with further information.