Sustainability Collective

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Are you working towards sustainability and reducing emissions? Do you want to connect with your community to take collective action?

Whether you live, work or play in Lane Cove, you're invited to join the Sustainability Collective. Council has formed this collaborative group to help connect and empower the community to live more sustainably. By partnering with the community to work towards our shared common goals, we can be stronger than the sum of our parts and have a positive impact.

The focus of the Group is to reduce emissions, and there are lots of action we can take in this space, from solar, to electrification, composting to GreenPower and more!

The group meets quarterly to guide progress and build capacity. You can decide how much time you can commit in between meetings to events and other activities decided on by the group.

Register your interest to join the group here.

About 'Collaboration for Impact'

The Sustainability Collective will be adopting the principles of the 'Collaboration for Impact' model. This will allow Council and the community to come together and find solutions to complex problems through effective collaboration and systems change.

If you're willing to participate with a mindset that fosters collaborative change, with aligned values, awareness and reflective practice, then you will enjoy working together with this Group. You don't have to be an expert, as we will train up along the way. If you're keen to be part of a positive change, sign up today.

Why are we getting active together?

Council's Sustainability Action Plan 2022-2025 was co-created with the community through consultation, workshops and community surveys. The Sustainability Collective is driven by the following actions:

Promote creative solutions for sustainable living that improve the quality of life for people who live, work and visit Lane Cove (Action 5.1)

Support communities to run events and initiatives which encourage interaction between neighbours and community groups (Action 6.4)

We are aiming for an engaged community living sustainably with the following success indicators:

  • Community commitment to sustainable living
  • Greater community participation
  • Inclusive communities
  • Local sustainability champions celebrated

Who else is doing this?

Other Council's have successfully implemented collaborative groups to address complex problems. Have a look at Ku-ring-gai's Net Zero Champion group or Northern Beaches Collaboration Collective to see what can be achieved when communities work together.

We know Lane Cove has valuable volunteers and ambassadors working in our community. Let's work together to have a greater impact.