Mayor's April Message

Published on 07 April 2024

Proposed Planning Reforms

The NSW Government is considering implementing new planning reforms through the introduction of a State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) aimed at facilitating more affordable housing across NSW.

Lane Cove Council has submitted its response to these proposed reforms, expressing objections to certain elements while also expressing our willingness to collaborate with the Department of Planning, Infrastructure & Environment (DPIE) to ensure that any increases in housing targets align with the sustainable development of our Local Government Area (LGA).

It's essential to note that the development in St Leonards South was initially designed to meet housing targets set by the previous NSW Government. We have urged the current NSW Government to take this into account when formulating new housing targets.

DPIE has indicated that we can expect information on our new housing targets around July this year. Meanwhile, our staff are diligently working behind the scenes to explore suitable areas that could potentially be rezoned to accommodate these increased housing targets.

We understand that some residents may have been approached by real estate agents and/or developers regarding the new proposed planning reforms. We suggest that residents are mindful of making any financial commitments at this stage until we have finalised our negotiations with the DPIE. The final decisions may differ from the proposals initially put forward by the NSW Government.

Award win for Wadanggari Park

Council was recently recognised for its excellence in delivering Wadanggari Park by winning the 2023 Place Leaders Asia Pacific Award for ‘Place Governance’. The Place Governance Award recognises our role in inspiring others to action through exemplary leadership and vision. It is wonderful to see Council recognised at this level and is a great reminder of our ability to bring important community projects to life. Congratulations on another feather in the cap for Council’s leadership team and staff who have utilised their skills and expertise to consistently deliver brilliant community infrastructure.

International Women's Day 2024

Thank you to everyone who attended the International Women’s Day Small Business Breakfast last month. Thank you to guest speaker Shirley Chowdhary who openly shared her captivating and inspiring career journey with us; we all left feeling inspired by Shirley’s experience. Thank you also to The BayTree by Ardency Retirement Village for inviting Council to be part of their International Women’s Day celebrations. Clr Katherine Mort gave a thought-provoking keynote address, emphasising the significance of empowering and embracing women in our daily endeavours.

C3 Celebrates 40 Years in Lane Cove

We were delighted to be invited by Pastors Simon and Mandy Ambler of C3 Church in Lane Cove to commemorate 40 years of dedicated ministry and community support. Congratulations on such a significant milestone in the life of Lane Cove.

Playground Upgrades

Coxs Lane Playground will reopen this month following installation of a new play unit. The equipment includes a shop front, crawl tunnel, animal puzzle, bridge, net climb, fire pole, steering wheel and telescope, double slide as well as a new three-seat swing set.

Last month we also commenced an upgrade to the playground at Nichols Reserve, located on Burns Bay Road.

Pottery Green Amenities Upgrade

The amenities building at Pottery Green Oval has been the source of repeated vandalism and has unfortunately been closed unless sporting matches have been taking place. We look forward to constructing a new amenities block in the next few months.

Upcoming events

ANZAC Day at The Canopy is one of the biggest events in the village. Please join the Lane Cove RSL Sub Branch and Lane Cove Council as we join together to commemorate ANZAC Day. Please arrive by 7:15am for a 7:25am start. More details:

Next Council Meetings

The next Council meeting will be held on Thursday 18 April followed by Thursday 23 May 2024. Details:

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