New public art

Published on 04 July 2023

Artwork on back of Aquatic Centre wall. The artwork includes a cockatoo and tawny frogmouth.

A vibrant new mural has been completed at the back of the Aquatic Centre, overlooking Pottery Green Oval. 

Created by artists Grant Molony, Russ Molony and Jason Goulding, the Indigenous work is built in layers and tells the story of community and connection. It merges the natural world into the built environment. 

Lane Cove River, local wildlife, including a tawny frogmouth and cockatoo, and fungi all feature in the artwork. It's multilayered so every time you walk past, you'll notice something new. It can be enjoyed both upfront and faraway.  

Birds in the artwork are inspired by the photos from Balu Moothedath's bird blog.


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