Illegal Building Work

What are the consequences of doing work which is not approved by Council?

Council views illegal building works or failures to comply with the terms and conditions of their development consents as serious. 

Illegal building works are those undertaken without the appropriate planning approvals. This also includes building work where a Construction Certificate has been issued and certain conditions under the Development Consent have not been met. 

Where illegal building works are identified Council may:

  • Issue the builder with penalty infringement notices.
  • Issue a “Stop Work” order where illegal building works continue to be undertaken.
  • Prosecute through either the Local Court or the Land and Environment Court.

Where illegal building work involves a Private Certifier, Council will in the first instance refer the matter to the Certifier to respond to the illegal building works. Should the response be deemed inadequate, Council may instigate action to resolve the matter.

If you are affected by or observe illegal building works, please contact Council on 9911 3555 or by lodging a Request for Service online (Category: Building Complaint).