Tips for a Sustainable Business

Go solar!

In 2021, an estimated 27% of emissions came from business electricity in Lane Cove. Getting solar will make your business more resilient and improve your green credentials. Sign up to Council's Solar for Business Program to receive a free independent energy assessment and get started on your solar journey. Not sure how to finance the transition? Consider these options:

  1. Rebates - Apply for a rebate through our Sustainability Rebate Program.
  2. Self-funded - on average, the payback for solar is 3-4 years. After that, enjoy ongoing savings on business energy costs for 25 years.
  3. Community-funded - facilitated by a Community Energy Group.  Creates an opportunity to engage your customers and the local community in your solar project, where they can invest in a share of your solar and receive regular dividends.
  4. Power Purchase Agreement financing - By connecting with a wholesale or retail provider, you can sell the solar energy from your roof to the grid or even to your own business. The benefit is that you set electricity prices for the duration of the contract and there is generally no upfront payment required.

Get renewable energy

There are 3 ways your business can get renewable energy and you can even save money at the same time.

  1. Get GreenPower. Start with the independent government service, Energy Made Easy, to compare different energy plans. Make sure you select the filter to find energy plans with GreenPower. Choose a provider that will save you money and use the savings to purchase GreenPower. 
  2. Buy Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs). This is known as decoupled GreenPower. Find a provider by selecting the customer type as "Event and decoupled" on the GreenPower provider website. Check out this great guide to Buying GreenPower and LGCs.
  3. Negotiate a Renewable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This could be a great option if you purchase more than 500MWh of electricity per year or if you want to join a buyers group with a smaller load. Learn more about Renewable PPAs with this handy guide.

Reduce your food waste to landfill

Get an electric fleet

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Work out what waste you can eliminate completely, find a way to reuse things and recycle what you can't avoid. You could also support recycling by buying products with recycled content.

Save Water