About Kindy Cove

Opening hours

The centre operates between 7:30am and 6:00pm, Monday to Friday. Closed on public holidays, the week over Christmas and New Year, and two Staff Development days during the year.

Address: 48 Phoenix Street, Lane Cove, NSW, 2066 (appointments necessary)

Phone: 9428 4319

Email: kindycove@lanecove.nsw.gov.au


Kindy Cove caters for 58 children daily. It is a Council-sponsored long-day-care centre which offers a preschool program to children three to six-years old. The Kindy encompasses the natural surroundings that Lane Cove offers. Each of the rooms have outdoor environments that are spacious and leafy, including landscaped gardens which the children help to maintain as part of their program. The centre directors work in collaboration with a Management Advisory Committee of parents, staff, Council and community representatives.  

Assessment and Rating under the National Quality Framework

Council’s Kindy Cove Child Care Centre has again achieved a quality rating of “Meeting” the National Quality Standards set under the National Quality Framework (NQF). Parents and staff were pleased to have had a successful outcome of our second Assessment and Rating process. This was our first under the 2018 revised NQF. Kindy Cove was rated as exceeding in Quality Area 6 - Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities, an outcome of which we are very proud.


Nursery caters for children aged six-weeks to two-years old and is licensed for sixteen children each day. We work on a staff-to-child ratio of 1:4.

Blue Room is home to children between two-years and four-years old, catering for 22 children each day. In this room we work on a staff-to-child ratio of 1:5.

Green Room is home to children aged three-years to six-years old. Around 20 children are catered for each day, and a preschool program is offered in this room.


We use the Early Years Learning Framework to provide interactions and experiences that enhance a child's sense of "Belonging, Being and Becoming." This framework values the learning experiences that early childhood provides for children. It encourages us to look at the capabilities and interests of children and provide both structured and spontaneous learning opportunities to promote the development of the whole child.

The Early Years Learning Framework details five learning outcomes that guide our reflective teaching so that children have:

  • a strong sense of wellbeing
  • a strong sense of identity
  • effective communication 
  • connection to their world and contribute to it
  • confidence and involvement in their learning

Our Team

Kindy Cove has many qualified and experienced staff members from a range of cultural backgrounds. In the centre there are three Early Childhood teachers, four diploma-trained educators, one chef, and eight educators with Certificate III in Children's Services. Thanks to the wide cultural array of our team many different languages are spoken by our staff members including:

  • French
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin
  • Nepalese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Sinhala
  • Tagalog
  • Tamil

Children gain a great deal from the multiculturalism of our staff through experiences, cooking and music.