Cooling Towers and Regulated Systems

Cooling Towers & Warm Water Systems

Cooling Towers and warm water systems must be managed safely in order to prevent the growth and transmission of Legionella bacteria.

Council is required to maintain a register of cooling towers and warm water systems within the Lane Cove LGA in line with the Public Health Act 2010. If Council's Environmental Health Officer identifies non-compliance of the requirements for regulated systems under the Public Health Act 2010, they can order building occupiers/owners to comply with the requirements.

Additionally, officers can conduct inspections of premises on which regulated systems are located and charge fees.  

Responsibilities of building-occupiers

The owner/occupier of a premise where a regulated cooling/warm water system is installed must:

Register their system with Lane Cove Council using the registration form (below) and pay the required fee.
Install, operate and maintain the systems and records in accordance with the Public Health Act 2010, Public Health Regulation 2022 and Australian Standard series.
Building owners/occupiers must also advise Council if there is a change of owner or occupier for a building on which a system is located, if the system is modified or if the contact details for the building manager changes


Visit NSW Ministry of Health for more information and relevant legislative documents or call Council's Environmental Health Officer on 02 9911 3626.