Lane Cove Loop Walks

Launching in 2023, the Lane Cove Loop Walks is a Metropolitan Greenspace Project proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Lane Cove Council.


The walks encourage the local community and visitors to get outside to spend time in our local natural environment. 

There are four loop walks of varying lengths that lead the walker from one green space to the next.  The longest walk is 15km linking several bushland parks and reserves for the walker to explore.  

The shorter walks are 2km, 3km and 4km.  These shorter walks give the local community and visitors an opportunity to enjoy some of Lane Cove's bushland areas in a shorter time period and to their fitness level.

NOTE: The 15km Loop Walk has a temporary detour in Lane Cove West along the Ventemans Reach part of the track.  Walkers will need to leave the riverside track at the Mars Rd junction that takes the walker to the 3km Lane Cove West Loop Walk. The detour enables the walker to rejoin the 15km track at Epping Rd.