90 hectares of bushland to explore

Walking on boardwalks in Ventemans Reach

Our bushland reserves are easily accessible via bush tracks and boardwalks, many of which follow along creeks and the river foreshore, often with stunning views. Close to the heart of one of the world’s busiest cities, peace and solitude can be found when bushwalking in Lane Cove.

Lane Cove’s bushland is diverse in native flora and fauna and contains a variety of habitat – wet and dry sclerophyll forest, heathland, mangroves and tidal flats. Walk quietly or stop a while to take notice of any native birds or animals. You may hear small birds such as Fairy-wrens and Scrub-wrens in the undergrowth or spot a Water Dragon or skink sunning itself on a rock. Elusive animals such as Echidnas and Tawny Frogmouths are sometimes seen.

To protect our local fauna and flora, dogs must be on a leash when walking in our bushland reserves – and do pick up after them. There are many off-leash parks available for exercising your dog.

Our bushland has important natural, cultural and recreational values and we ask that you stay to the tracks, avoid picking any plant material and take your rubbish with you in order to protect these special areas.

Local walks in detail

Book cover photo

Bushwalks Around Lane Cove provides handy maps of 17 local walks and descriptions of the track and features you will find as you explore each walk. For a quick overview of these walks, view this map. Bushwalks Around Lane Cove is available as a book for sale for $9.90, available from Lane Cove Library and Lane Cove Civic Centre.

Free basic maps of local walks are also available from the Lane Cove Civic Centre.

Ventemans Track Nature Walk

Explore the stretch of Lane Cove River between Blackman Park and the saltmarsh boardwalk on the easy and peaceful Ventemans Track Nature Walk. 

Lane Cove Loop Walks

Take a hike on one of four loop walks designed to link our bushland parks and reserves together for an enjoyable walking experience.

Lane Cove Tree Trails

Explore Lane Cove and the municipality's variety of street trees by taking a self-guided walk on one of the Lane Cove Tree Trails. There are three separate tree trails, all which start from the Lane Cove Plaza. 

Extended Walks

Adventure further afield with these longer walks which pass through or adjacent to Lane Cove.

A Harbour Circle Walk

Harbour Bridge to the Great North Walk

Walking Coastal Sydney

7bridges Walk

Guided walks and more: find out what local activities are coming up!


Current Track Closures

Ventemans Reach 

Closed due to safety concerns. From north of the Stringybark Creek Footbridge to south of the Pumphouse historic site.