Your Household Bins


Council's waste collection service provides residents with a weekly general waste service and fortnightly services for garden waste, and paper and cardboard recycling, and container recycling. Collecting paper and cardboard in a different bin to the recyclable containers ensures that they are separated more efficiently and provides a much cleaner stream so that these materials have a higher value for recycling. 

Please see below what is and isn't accepted in your yellow container recycling and blue paper and cardboard recycling

Yellow Bin

We accept:

  • All empty plastic containers
  • Plastic drink and milk bottles with lids attached
  • Berry and tomato type punnets
  • Margarine containers
  • Hard plastic biscuit and cake trays
  • Empty containers (liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner containers)
  • Empty plastic medicine bottles
  • Empty washing detergent bottles
  • All see-through glass bottles and jars made from green, brown and clear glass
  • Aluminium and steel cans
  • Small quantities of used aluminium foil
  • Single-use pie tins
  • Foil trays

We DO NOT accept:

  • Ceramics and porcelain
  • Broken glass of any kind
  • White glass
  • Pyrex cookware
  • Mirrors or windows
  • Light globes
  • Sheet glass or poison bottles
  • Plastic bags

Blue Bin

We Accept:

  • All paper
  • Flattened cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Empty pizza boxes
  • Magazines
  • Small amounts of shredded paper

We DO NOT accept:

  • Facial tissues
  • Waxed paper
  • Paper towels
  • Carbon paper
  • Plastic bags

Recycling Tips

The Recycling Triangle and Numbers

The triangles numbered 1-7 can be deceptive. This triangle does not necessarily mean that the product can be recycled through your kerbside bins, it simply indicates what type of plastic an item is made from.

The new Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) developed by Planet Ark makes it easier to understand what can and can't be recycled, by breaking down what each component the packaging is made from and providing simple instructions on how to recycle them.

Keep your Recyclables Loose

Putting your recyclable items in a plastic bag (including bioplastic or compostable bags) prevents the contents of the bags being recycled into new products. If you require a bag to carry your recyclable items from your home or apartment to your recycling bin, please ensure you empty the bag into the bin and either re-use the bag or place it in your general waste bin.

Not everything can be recycled through your household bins

Unfortunately, not all items can be accepted in your household bins. If you are unsure of how to correctly dispose of any items, use our A-Z guide to find out how. 

Some of the items accepted in your yellow recycling bin are also accepted at Return and Earn container deposit schemes, these are a great way to reward yourself for recycling!