Solar for Business

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Did you know that the average commercial building can save between 10 -20% on their electricity costs by install solar? On average, the payback period of the investment is between 3 and 4 years.

What is the Solar for Business Program?

The Solar for Business Program is a free Council initiative to assist commercial buildings install solar and save money. By joining the program, you receive independent, expert advice and a solar feasibility study to identify opportunities to lower your electricity bill and be more sustainable in your ongoing operations.

Why get involved?

Installing solar panels on your roof is a great way to generate clean electricity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote your business as being a sustainable company/building owner.

Benefits include:

  • reduced energy running costs through solar power that improves the bottom line and combats the rising cost of electricity
  • a high average return on investment
  • measurable, positive environmental impact
  • happier staff and customers through the promotion of your more sustainable business
  • improved brand and reputation 

Businesses receive free:

  • Energy analysis and solar modelling performed by industry specialists (valued at over $1,000)
  • Detailed feasibility report with two solar pv size options which clearly illustrate the financial case for installing solar and the corresponding positive environmental impact.
  • Follow up support to discuss the report 

View a sample report.

Who should apply?

We are looking for all commercial building owners that are committed to reducing their energy and saving on operating costs. We encourage applications from all sizes of buildings, from small retail premises through to large warehouse with high energy bills. If you do not own the building in which you operate, we encourage you to liaise with your building owner to identify mutual benefits.

How to apply

Complete the Solar for Business program application form.

Project process:

1. Interested businesses submit an expression of interest application.

2. Council assesses expressions of interests and determines successful applicants.

3. Council organises and funds the feasibility study and reports.

4. Building management reviews the energy saving options and determines implementation.

5. Council arranges follow up meeting to discuss the report findings and answer questions.

7. Council creates case studies to support other buildings interested in energy efficiency upgrades.

Ways to finance your solar project

Community-funded – facilitated by a Community Energy Group.  Creates an opportunity to engage your customers and the local community in your solar project, where they can invest in a share of your solar and receive regular dividends.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement – Install and use the energy from your solar system for $0 upfront. You pay an agreed electricity price for the duration of the contraction and you own the system outright at the end.

Can your business afford not to be involved in this excellent sustainability opportunity?