Your fastest way to get renewable electricity 

Switching to a GreenPower electricity plan is a simple way you can make a big difference. For many people, it's the single best thing they can do that has the biggest impact.

Importantly – both homeowners, renters and businesses can switch to GreenPower, and you can switch in as little as 10 minutes. 

Why GreenPower? 

  • You'll help get more electricity from wind and sun made in Australia. 
  • It's the only government accredited and audited green energy program. 
  • Climate action is a race. You'll feel good about doing something that really counts. 

Why GreenPower electricity plans are better than carbon neutral plans

Some providers offer 100% carbon neutral plans and many talk about carbon offsets. If you’re on the phone to providers, expect their customer service staff to stress these plans are cheaper than GreenPower. But there’s a difference. 

Offsets don’t remove the source of emissions. GreenPower does.

For carbon neutral or carbon offset plans, providers commit to buying carbon offsets equivalent to the emissions related to your electricity use. They’re not buying or producing renewable electricity. When you opt for 100% GreenPower, you’re supporting Australia’s renewably-sourced electricity production.

Here’s 3 ways to switch to GreenPower. Choose what suits you:  

1. Call and chat 

Call your current provider, ask if you’re on a GreenPower plan and if you’re not - ask them to switch you to 100% GreenPower. If they quote you a much higher price, get quotes from other providers, or use the Energy Made Easy comparison tool to find the cheapest deals currently on offer.  

2. Find the greenest option 

Check out the Green Electricity Guide. It’s an independent, unbiased ranking of all electricity providers. Choose a provider and sign up on their website. Remember to tick the box for GreenPower if one pops up. If you care about company ethics, and want to support the companies doing the most to get more green electricity made, this option is for you. 

3. Get the cheapest deal 

Compare prices from all electricity companies using Energy Made Easy. It’s an accurate and independent service operated by the Australian Energy Regulator and it’s fantastic for comparing the current deals from all electricity providers in one go. Make sure you tick the GreenPower filter box. 

Solar Gardens - for Renters, Apartments or Shady Rooftops   

Even if you don't have a sunny rooftop, you can access solar power by participating in a solar garden.

A solar garden is just like a community garden where members purchase a virtual plot of solar panels. It is a popular model in Europe and the US which is now available in Australia.

The solar garden produces solar energy, which is sold into the grid. You sign up with the participating electricity retailer who delivers the credits onto your electricity bill from the sale of the solar produced. 

You can even take your solar with you if you move address.

Solar Garden.png  

Solar Garden Plots are now available at the Haystacks Solar Garden

This solar garden is managed by the Haystacks Co-op, named after the Riverina area where the solar farm is located.

Each 3kW plot is $4,200 and you receive an estimated on-bill credit of $505/year for the 10 year project. You should read the Plot Offer Summary and the Offer Information and Disclosure Statement to find out if it is the right option for you. Full details can be found on Haystack Solar Garden website.

Watch the recording of our webinar to learn more.

You should read the Plot Offer Summary and the Offer Information and Disclosure Statement to find out if it is the right option for you. Full details can be found on Haystack Solar Garden website.

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