Installing Solar with Confidence


The Installing Solar with Confidence Program is a free Council initiative to assist residents install solar (and batteries if requested) knowing they have the most competitive price and the best system to suit their needs. *Residents submit up to three solar quotes and an independent energy expert assesses them and provides a recommendation on which supplier to proceed with.

Why get involved?

When you join the program you receive:

  • Free and independent advice on the most suitable solar system for you, taking into account the cost, system size and panel placement.
  • Confirmation the supplier is Clean Energy Council approved and has the correct warranties.
  • Advice on your household energy needs and future requirements.
  • A detailed report with recommendations.
  • Support post installation to check the performance of the system.

Who should apply?

We are looking for residents in home or apartments who are committed to installing solar.

Council is currently waitlisting applications for rebates on solar systems and batteries, should further budget become available. To find out more, and apply, visit the Sustainability Rebates page.

How to apply

Complete the Installing Solar with Confidence application form

1.      Interested residents complete the application form and upload copies of your latest energy bill and up to three solar quotes.

2.      Council determines the successful applicants.

3.      Council introduces the energy consultant.

4.      The consultant will be in contact with any follow up questions and will   then create the report.

5.       Resident receives the report and installs the solar system

6.      The energy consultant follows up and ensures system is performing as expected. 

7.      Council requests feedback from participants to create case studies to support other residents interested in installing solar.

*This program is available until 30th June 2024 however applications will not be accepted once the budget allocation has been exhausted.