Sustainable Building Advisory Service


What is the Sustainable Building Advisory Service?

The Sustainable Building Advisory Service (SBAS) is a free service for residents and provides sustainable building advice from a qualified Architect. The service is offered to residents who are planning to build or renovate their home.

The SBAS provides recommendations for best practice sustainable building designs that go beyond the thermal comfort, water and energy efficiencies currently promoted by the regulation - Building Sustainability Index (BASIX).

Why get involved?

Houses incorporating sustainable designs can benefit from:

Reduced operating costs through increased insulation, glazing, passive heating and cooling

Cooler in summer, warmer in winter

Reduced environmental impacts

Higher resell value

Who should apply?

The SBAS is offered to residents at all stages of work (concept, pre-DA, DA submitted, works underway) provided they are willing to implement sustainable features into their project. Council reserves the right to determine and review eligibility.

How to apply

Complete the application form.

1. Interested residents complete the application form.

2. Council assesses the application and determines successful applicants.

3. The consulting Architect will then contact you to discuss the next steps in the booking process.

5. Council organises and funds the SBAS report.

6. Applicant reviews the report recommendations and determines implementation.

7. Council requests feedback from participants to create case studies to support other residents interested in living more sustainably.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work?

Eligible residents will receive a one-on-one consultation with an experienced architect at the proposed development site. On completion of the consultation, a report will be prepared outlining sustainable initiatives that can be incorporated in the new home, alterations or additions. The report can be used by residents to undertake further research and frame questions or suggestions for contractors (architects, engineers, builders and suppliers).

At what stage of the planning process should I consider the SBAS?

The SBAS is aimed at residents at all stages of work and who are in the early stages of planning including concept, pre-DA, DA submitted and works underway.

Is the SBAS part of the Development Application process?

No, the SBAS does not supersede any of Council's extant planning requirements and is not part of the Development Application process.

Who provides the SBAS?

The SBAS is provided by a registered architect with a speciality in sustainable buildings on behalf of Lane Cove Council.

Am I eligible if I simply want advice on how to live more sustainably?

No, this service is only available to residents that are planning to build or renovate their home.

Am I eligible if I only want advice on installing solar panels, hot water systems or a rainwater tank?

No, residents interested in these systems can visit the Australian Governments Your Home website.

Am I eligible if I live in an apartment building?


Where do I go for more information?

For more information please contact Council at